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    Court Order

    Judge Orders AZ to Accept Voter Registration Federal Forms
    In back to back decisions, court orders have mandated the State of AZ to accept voter registrations on the `federal form' which does not require proof of citizenship. [Proof of citizenship to register was established under recent AZ law.] The forms must be accepted for registration to vote in any LOCAL, STATE or NATIONAL election. Additionally, judge Roslyn Silver has given state and county election officials until the end of the month to comply with this order and make these alternate forms readily available (as other the state forms are, including on websites). Specifically the judge stated that the state and counties: "shall ensure widespread distribution of the federal form through all reasonable channels." This does NOT change the requirements to be registered to vote in ANY WAY. Registrants still need to meet all requirements and certify (by their signatures) that they do meet them. [It is a class 6 felony to falsely claim qualification.] In addition, it does NOT change the need to show ID at the polls when voting.

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