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LWVGT Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Positions & Action Agendas

  • LWVGT Local Program Positions with Amplifications (details)

  • LWVGT and the Money In Politics (MIP) Study/Consensus by LWVUS (details)

  • LWVGT Energy White Paper (view)

  • LWVAZ Action Agenda 2017-2019 (details)

  • LWVAZ Action Agenda 2015-2017 (details)

  • LWVUS New position on Money in politics (details)

  • LWVUS Concurrence on Redistricting (details)

  • LWVUS Concurrence on Behavior Health (details)

  • LWVUS Reducing the Corrupting Influence of Money in Politics (details)

  • LWVUS - Public Policy Positions (details)

  • LWVUS - Impact on Issues - Online Edition (details)

  • Suggestions for those who Lobby for the League (view)

  • League Positions on Protecting Our Children (view)

  • LWV Statement on President's Discriminatory Comment (read)

  • League Statement on the Paris Climate Agreement (read)