Making Democracy Work

Voter Service Committee


Chairperson 2017-18 is Mary Hudson ... her EMail is: maryhudson1000 at gmail dot com (use proper email address format)


Assisting with Elections, Registering Voters and Facilitating Meetings

LWV of Greater Tucson Voter Service Activities

  • Voter Registration Events (see details)
  • `How to Moderate a Forum` workshop
  • `How to Plan a Forum' workshop
  • Oversight for elections for HOAs, Resident Councils
  • Ballot information forums
  • Voter education on how government works

One way to contact your Legislators, use "Request to Speak" (see details)

For more information contact Voter Service Committee Chair per the information above or Email us. (contact options)

Please see our Calendar for the next Training Session(s) and Voter Service Planning Meeting - Open to all. Also, please send any ideas or suggestions to us. (see our calendar)