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Observer Corps Committee

About the Committee

The Co-Chairpersons for 2019-2020 are Roseann Haines and Jonetta Trued. For contact information use the League Directory or call the League office at 520-327-7652.

"Protecting our right to know is integral to the health of our democracy. Decisions that determine how our schools will be run, at what level community safety programs will be funded, and how land in our towns will be used impact our lives and are vital to our well-being. These kinds of decisions need to be made with public input and oversight. One important way to ensure that is to observe government meetings.

The League has been a champion of government transparency since our founding in 1920. Our efforts in this area reinforce our reputation of fairness, nonpartisanship and trust. League members attend government meeting to learn what their government is doing and to monitor whether those meetings are conducted in an open and transparent way. Experience has shown the importance of the League being present to watch + and to take action when necessary." *

The Observer's Role

Observers monitor both the issues being discussed for relevance to League positions or potential items for study as well as the process by which they are being discussed. They attend government meetings and report back to the League, and the community. They help ensure the issues are being handled in the open. Each state has its own open meeting law and the LWVGT observers look for compliance with Arizona's Open Meeting Law. Observers are the "watchdog" on behalf of the members of the community. Their observations benefit the community as well as themselves since the observers learn more about their community. **

Current governing bodies the LWVGT observes:

  • Pima County Board of Supervisors
  • Tucson City Council
  • Oro Valley City Council
  • TUSD School District
  • Amphi School District
  • Sunnyside School District
  • Justice Coordinating Council

We are looking for volunteers for the following:

Observer Corps Reports

Emails were sent to all entities observed by LWVGT prior to posting the first meeting observation Transparency Check Reports in 2016. Each entity was asked to review reports for errors and omissions prior to posting on our web site. (read emails)

2016 + 2017 Observations (view)

2017 + 2018 Observations (view)


Arizona Attorney General's August 2016 Letter to TUSD on a Finding that TUSD Governing Board Violated Open Meeting Law (view)

Arizona Attorney General's Office's Answers to League Inquiry on Findings of Violations of Open Meeting Law by Governing Bodies Observed (view)

You are invited to contact us at ObserverCorps at lwvgt dot org (use the proper email address format) with questions or comments.