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Issues and Eggs Committee

Issues and Eggs

The Chairperson for 2019-2020 is open. For contact information use the League Directory or call the League office at 520-327-7652.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT) works to increase understanding of major public policy issues through education and advocacy. While we offer many programs on local issues for the public, one of our major endeavors is our annual Issues and Eggs forum which first began in 2013.

Issues and Eggs is also a fundraiser for LWVGT. The funds raised are used to support voter service projects in the community and to produce and share information/materials on many topics with the public.

We are fortunate to receive sponsorships from many local businesses and community groups which enable us to spend more time serving the public in the community.

None of this would be accomplished without the active participation of our members. There are a number of ways Leaguers can be involved in the Issues and Eggs project:

1. Topics Committee: Research and select topics and plan the program for the event.
2. Sponsorship Committee: Contact community businesses and organizations for sponsorships. Follow-up.
3. Invitation/program design and production coordination
4. Address and mail invitations
5. Invite friends and neighbors to the event and attend yourself.
6. Greet guests: registration/check-in assistance at the event
7. Gather questions from the audience for the program Q&A.

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