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Communications Committee


Chairperson for 2019-2010 is Bev Kloehn ... her Email address is: communications at lwvgt dot com or contact the League office at 520-327-7652.

The role of the Communications Committee includes evaluating the effectiveness of existing methods and identifying opportunities for improvement, offering new ideas, and supporting/coordinating communication tasks of other League committees. The League employs multiple methods of communication to reach its members and external audiences.

The committee meets the 3rd Monday of the month, August through May, in the League office.


  • The Voter Our newsletter is printed seven times a year in September, October, November December/January, February, March, and April,. The Voter is posted on our website; members others interested in the League's activities are notified of its posting via email. (view Newsletters) This function is managed by our Newsletter Editor. League-related articles and announcements provided by committees and individual members are encouraged. Click here to view past issues.

  • Twitter sends pertinent information that is timely, and hopefully, of interest to our followers. Follow us ... @lwvgt. This function is managed by our `twitter master'.

  • Announcements/Invitations We email information about League programs, projects and special events to League members, non-members who've asked to be informed of League activities, special interest groups and elected officials as appropriate to the topic. This function is managed by our Communications/Media Chair who serves on the LWVGT Board.

  • Media Releases: We regularly email information about our monthly voter education programs, projects, and special events to local media/press to secure their assistance in advising the public of League activities. Click here to access past releases. {link to Newsroom} We also post details of League activity on media calendars for easy access by the public. This function is managed by the Communications Committee.

  • Materials/Resources The League produces and updates printed materials to educate/inform the public about our community, voting-related topics, League activities/positions, etc. Content is developed by various League committees. (view )

  • Workshops (i.e. voter registration, planning/conducting forums, moderator training), offer a Speakers Bureau, and Monitor Elections (i.e. Home Owner Associations) in support of members and the public. view {link to VS committee section} These activities are managed by the Voter Service Committee (view).

  • Website ( Our site is updated regularly by the LWVGT webmaster. It provides information about the League, our Calendar, Special Events/ Workshops, Membership and Donations information, Publications, Documents and links to League positions and studies, our many committees and work of the League. Some areas require an access password (i.e. membership directory).

  • Facebook Our accounts are managed by the LWVGT Facebook coordinator. We post current events, photos, hot issues and information that can be shared with others. "Friend" us at Lwvgt Tucson (need a Facebook account to access) and/or go to (no Facebook account needed to access). It's easy to access by clicking on the Facebook icon on the bottom left hand column on each page.

  • Libraries Our Citizen's Directory of Elected Officials listing government officials and how to contact them and voting information materials are provided to all Pima County Libraries for access by their patrons. (view) We also register voters before elections at many of the libraries. This function is managed by the LWVGT Voter Service Committee.

  • League Office Our office is staffed mid-August through early June for the public to reach the League for information (520-327-7652). During the summer months, phone messages are retrieved regularly and directed to appropriate board members for response. This function is managed by our Office Coordinator.

Communication Committee's Goals: 2016 + 17 Program Year

  • Implement voting-specific and League messages via public radio spots between September and the November election.

  • Support the Voter Services Committee's voter registration and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities and events.

  • Publicize monthly voter education programs and special presentations.

  • Raise awareness of LWVGT's 75th anniversary with members, the public, elected officials and media.

  • Increase public awareness of LWVGT materials, resources and services.

  • Expand the lists of community contacts for topic-specific information about the League, its activities and its positions.

  • Evaluate the LWVGT website and recommend ideas to increase its use as a resource by members and the public.


For more details including meeting minutes and other items (click here)

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