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Register to Vote in Pima County

Who can register to vote in Pima County?

  • You must be a U.S. citizen, live in Pima County, and be 18 or older by the next statewide General Election.
  • Part-time residents of Pima County may register here if they consider this their residence for voting.
  • You cannot register to vote in Arizona if you have been convicted of a felony and you have not yet had your civil rights restored. Call the Pima County Public Defender at 520-724-6800 for assistance. For more information, go to
  • If a judge has ruled that a person is incompetent/incapacitated, they cannot register to vote.

Who needs to re-register?
  • You must update your voter registration if you change your name, address (even apartment number), or political party.

Check your Registration When can I register?
  • You can register anytime, but it must be at least 29 days before an election if you plan to vote. To update your information after the deadline, contact the Recorder's Office.

How do I register or re-register? Proof of Citizenship

You must prove that you are a U.S. citizen the first time you register to vote in Pima County, or if your voter registration has been cancelled.

  • Enter a valid Arizona Driver's License or State ID number (issued after October 1, 1996), Tribal ID number, or Alien Registration number on the voter registration form (new citizens must also bring their Certificate of Naturalization to the Recorder's office); OR

  • Submit a copy of your birth certificate or the main page of your passport to the Pima County Recorder's Office with your voter registration form.

U.S. citizens who don't have any of these documents can fill out the National Voter Registration Application to vote for the U.S. President and our Representatives to Congress. The form can be found at <>.

Political Party and Primary Elections

The voter registration form asks for your "party preference." Your choice will affect voting in primary elections.

  • If you check Democratic or Republican, or write in Green Party or Libertarian Party, you will vote that party's ballot in primary elections. (These are the four recognized parties.)
  • If you leave it blank, or write in any other party or "Independent," you may vote in primary elections but you will have to choose which recognized party's ballot you want to vote.
  • The Presidential Preference Election (primary election for U.S. President) is different. To vote in that election, you must register as one of the four recognized political parties before the registration deadline.

More Information

The Pima County Recorder's Office can answer your questions. Call 520-724-4330

Frequently Asked Questions (Pima County Recorder) <>

Voting in Pima County

For most elections in Pima County, there are three ways you can cast your one vote. Rules might be different for some local elections:

1) Vote early by mail

If you check "Permanent Early Voting List" on the voter registration form, you will get your ballot in the mail for every election. You can mail your ballot, bring it to any Polling Location, or bring it to any poll on Election Day. Call the Recorder's Office if you need help with your ballot, or if you will be gone and you want your ballot mailed elsewhere.

2) Vote early in person

There are several Early Voting Sites in Pima County where you can vote before Election Day. Locations and dates are listed on the Pima County Recorder's website ( or call the Recorder's Office (520-724-4330).

3) Vote in person on Election Day

To vote on Election Day, you must go to the Polling Location for your home address. If you aren't sure where you vote, call the Recorder's Office (520-724-4330) or go to their website and click on Polling Location. The workers at the Polling Location will explain what to do. If you need help to read the ballot, tell them.

You will have to show proof of your identity and address. Here are your options:

  • A valid Arizona Driver's License, government photo ID, or Tribal photo ID with your name and current address (that matches the voter roster);OR

  • One of the above IDs with an old address (that does not match the voter roster), or a valid military ID or U.S. Passport, combined with one proof of current address from the list below; OR

  • Two IDs/documents without your photo but with your name and current address:

- Recent bill for electric, gas, water/sewer, phone, cell phone, or cable TV
- Recent bank or credit union statement
- Valid Arizona auto registration or auto insurance card
- Property tax statement for your house
- Voter card or sample ballot showing your name and address
- Indian census card or tribal ID without a photo
- Valid government ID without a photo

More Information

The Pima County Recorder's Office can answer your questions. Call 520-724-4330.

Frequently Asked Questions (Pima County Recorder)<>

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