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ISSUES and EGGS Breakfast - held on March 13th
Are Arizona's College & Career Ready Standards the Answer?
Common Core: Facts vs. Myths
Arizona Daily Star event coverage story
Video of the complete forum

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Issues and Eggs Breakfast
Dr. Sanchez emphasized "standards". This is what Common Core will help us achieve.

See a video of the complete forum view

Panel Members (from left) Bruce Dusenberry, President of Horizon Moving Systems and community activist, moderated the event: UA Professor Dr. William McCallum, lead writer of the Common Core mathematics standards: Brittany Betterton, a teacher at Elvira Elementary in the Sunnyside District who has helped create units for several years to meet Common Core Standards: Mike Varney, President and CEO of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce: Dr. H.T. Sanchez, Superintendent of TUSD.

Newly elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas was invited but did not attend.
Roxanne Housley (left) moderating the League Sponsored "Is Democracy For Sale?" Forum
Panel Members Discussing "Dark Money" and other topics from left to right: Max Fose, David Leibowitz, Barrett Marson, Christine Jones, Terry Goddard, Jeremy Duda, Joe Ferguson and Jim Nintzel

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